Where I Stand on the Issues

al-gentry-headshot-low-resAl’s Guiding Principles

“I am a scientist by trade, professionally trained to research & assess all available data, and make reasoned, logical decisions based on that data.   I will study every issue, listen to all sides and act as my conscience dictates. Governing is a balancing act and I will do my best to honor our obligations while taking steps to strengthen our economy, workforce and support for the most vulnerable, namely seniors, veterans and the special needs community. I have a vision for Kentucky where we work together to solve the problems of health care, wages, affordable education, opportunity and economic prosperity for all.  My diverse professional background has well-prepared me for this leadership opportunity.  My commitment to the voters is that I will use my energy and abilities everyday to improve the lives of my constituents and for the people of Kentucky.” ~ Al Gentry


Jobs & The Economy

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Al Gentry will be a strong leader, continuing the fight to strengthen our economy, working for tax cuts and hiring incentives for small businesses, and investing in programs that  build and strengthen our workforce, making Kentucky open for businesses to innovate, grow and hire people at good, living wages.

Al Gentry, a former member of the Teamsters Union 89, has been working in the private sector for over 20 years. After losing his right arm in a workplace accident 23 years ago at age 28, he refused to slow down, and became more energized to fight for what’s right, and help those in need.  He believes that government’s job is to create the climate for strong businesses and reward those who invest in the people of Kentucky.  He strongly opposes Right to Work and supports the right of employees to collectively bargain for quality wages and benefits, and increased safety in the workplace.  Al supports an increase to the minimum wage.

Community Safety

Our communities are under threats in today’s world that would never have been thought of decades ago.  As a father, Al Gentry will work for and support stronger legislation to put drug dealers behind bars. He will be a strong supporter of law enforcement and first responders, working with them to enact laws that make sense in today’s world.  He is committed to providing schools with the resources to keep students and teachers safe, and to provide the services necessary to assist families in crisis.


Al Gentry will be on the front lines of education, working most importantly with teachers, school administrators and leaders to strengthen Kentucky’s schools. Al believes  in holding schools accountable, and  providing teachers with the support and tools they need to  effectively educate children  and prepare them for  continuing education and careers.

Kentucky’s challenge is having a ready workforce to meet the needs of growing employers. Al supports workforce development in partnership with our institutions of learning and apprenticeship programs to provide the best possible outcome for students and those seeking quality jobs in Kentucky.  His priorities also include investment in both early childhood and post-secondary education, making professional careers, technical education and apprenticeships affordable and available to all.

Veterans, Seniors, & Others with Special Needs

To those who have served our nation and spent their lives working in Kentucky, Al Gentry is proud to represent and be a strong a voice in the General Assembly. He will continue the fight for access to good health care, to end homelessness among veterans and to provide the resources needed for mental health treatment.

Kentucky has put forth strong measures to support returning veterans with respect to job opportunities. Al Gentry will work to strengthen veterans’ care and increase access to support services.

Many of Kentucky’s seniors are struggling under the rising costs of prescription drugs and the cost of goods without receiving increases in their Social Security benefits.  Al Gentry will be an advocate for Kentucky’s seniors, fighting for protections and working to implement policies that will provide relief with health care costs.

IMG_6869As a leader of people with disabilities, and being extremely productive despite having a physical disability himself, Al believes in helping to provide adequate care for those that cannot work, and putting to work those that CAN.  Al supports programs geared to increase self-sustainability, and self-pride, including special incentives for businesses that hire veterans, people with permanent, but partial disabilities, and people enrolled in government assistance programs.  Al will be a voice for those that often feel they don’t have one, and inspire the fallen to “get back up, fulfill personal ambitions, and Never Quit!”

Health Care

Under Governor Beshear, Kentucky took steps forward to providing affordable and accessible health insurance for every Kentuckian. As a result, the uninsured population is now less than seven percent.  KYnect provides Kentucky with local control and accountability vs. a Federal exchange not specifically designed to service Kentucky’s needs. The health care exchange itself is paid for by insurance companies via policy premiums, and as a result, there is more competition for health insurance plans than ever before. This helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals who buy health insurance.

That said, the cost of health insurance and healthcare services is still a challenge and a top priority for Al Gentry as a state representative.  We must continue to demand accountability from health care providers and provide the oversight and scrutiny needed to bring costs down in Kentucky.  As more people have access to a doctor, health care services, and preventive care, Kentucky will become a healthier state.