3 “Additional” Reasons New Tax Law is Bad for Kentucky

By Representative Al Gentry – At the end of the 2018 legislative session, two bills were rushed through in one day.  One was the much-publicized pension bill (SB151) that was recently ruled unconstitutional.  The other was a tax bill, which passed as HB366, was vetoed by Gov. Bevin, overridden to become law, then quietly replaced on… Read more

Legislative Update from Rep. Al Gentry January 26, 2018

FRANKFORT – In ways large and small, illegal drug use touches all of us.  It steals the future of those addicted, it tears at the lives of their loved ones, it fills our prisons beyond capacity, it strains local and state government budgets, it overwhelms first responders and substance-abuse treatment programs and it keeps businesses from… Read more

Rep. Al Gentry Co-Sponsors Medical Marijuana Legislation

Rep. Al Gentry Co-Sponsors Medical Marijuana Legislation

Last week in Frankfort, Representative Al Gentry along with Representative John Sims, filed patient-driven legislation that, if passed into law, would legalize the cultivation, processing, production, distribution, and administration of a tightly-regulated Medical Cannabis Program in Kentucky.  This bill was created and drafted after exhaustive research of the Cannabis Programs in 29 other states, and as… Read more